SKaaS creates unbiased, credible hiring process, that focuses on ‘skills’.​

JD-based assessments

We create assessments tailored for each job requirement. Real-time scenarios that evaluate the candidates on the skills needed for the job. We ensure the best pre-validated talent is recommended for every job need.

Integrated Development Environment

Our IDE supports multiple programming languages, frameworks and libraries, assessing candidates on real-time environment. We support multiple files, GIT, linting creating a smooth application development experience.

Code editor

Conduct algorithmic code contests with our code editor for multiple programming languages. Use a single question set and assess in any programming language. Code, run, execute, repeat real-time.

Collaborative Coding

Conduct live or remote code pair interviews to assess candidate coding skills. Evaluate candidates’ problem-solving ability in a real programming environment. Software architecture, design, development, test or code reviews.

Machine-based assessments

Virtual machines for assessments. Be it Development, DevOps or SysOps. Domain agnostic assessments with virtual machines of any operating system and any specification. Use them to assess candidates real-time.

Cloud assessments

With Cloud becoming ubiquitous and need of the hour, assess candidate for cloud skills using AWS, Azure environments provisioned on-demand during the interview. Custom cloud environments for different cloud job roles.

DevOps assessments

Conduct DevOps assessments hassle-free. Scripting, automation, CI/CD, Docker containers or Kubernetes clusters. Support for Git, Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, etc. Candidates can demonstrate their DevOps skills live.

Framework-based assessments

Assess any application development framework, be it back-end or front-end, desktop, web or mobile app development framework. Any development environment can be provisioned on-demand.

Database assessments

Assess database skills beyond queries. Support for major databases used. SQL, NoSQL and PostgreSQL environments for database assessments. Test the candidate's ability to set up database and connect to applications.

Automated grading

Automated evaluation and scoring for choice-based questions, coding questions, DevOps and Database questions. Validate candidate’s answer against the expected answer, score them and get detailed reports.

Manual evaluation

Manual evaluation for full stack development assessments, framework-based questions, cloud, containers and Kubernetes. Get access to the candidate VM, review task completion and score them.

Customized assessments

Any assessment can be customized to evaluate skills and the expertise level needed for the job. One assessment with any or all the assessment environments like IDE, cloud, code editor, IDE together can be provisioned on demand.

Generic assessments

We support common assessment types with a wide range of question formats. Multiple choice questions, multiple answers, matching answers, filling blanks, diagrams, images, drag and drop, audio and video type questions.

Transparent feedback

In data, we trust. Immediate or deferred feedback for assessments based on requirement. Detailed feedback for every question and task. Unbiased evaluation and scoring methods.

Skill-based report

AI-powered, skill-based reports for any assessment type. Questions tagged with skill keywords. Reports based on weightage given to each skill for each question. Deep insights on candidate performance backed by data.

Virtual interview tool

Comprehensive video interviewing solution with an array of pre-built assessment environments right on the browser. Chat, video, audio, whiteboard and screen sharing among other video conferencing tools.

Live proctoring

Don’t play a victim to impersonation, malpractice and plagiarism. Monitor candidate audio-video, key stroke, browse activity and much more. Live proctoring tool with background image recognition capabilities.

Interview session recording and playback

Complete backup of session recording and playback for review and analysis. Watch any number of times and gather feedback from other members of the interview panel. Code playback for detailed review.

ATS Integration

Our assessment and interview tool are built in a completely RESTful way. Clean and clear API documentation. Pluggable with any of the existing ATS or job boards. We make your recruitment experience as smooth as possible.

managed services
Managed Service

One dedicated account manager for your job requirements. Right from sourcing to screening to placement, we manage it all, so you can have undivided focus on your business. Make informed decisions while hiring.

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